Friday, July 31, 2009

News of all sorts

The good news: Starting last Saturday, I suddenly had a couple extra unclaimed hours in the day.

The bad news: I have extra hours because my home internet went out. Doesn't appear to be fixed anytime soon.

Upside: more time to read, reflect, watch Alias re-runs and work out.

Downside: I was just getting back into the blogging thing.

I've got a work-around figured out (local internet cafe and a thumbdrive) but haven't ironned out all the bugs. Plus, there is all this extra time...


Daniel Drezner posted a list of Top Ten Books to Read about International Economic History. Given the Pope's recent teaching on Charity (which I am still working through) some background might be helpful.

(I whole heartedly second the recomendation of Guns, Germs and Steel as a noteworthy arguement for why the world looks like it does now. And I find it interesting that Thomas Friedman ("Lexus and the Olive Tree" is not listed. (Perhaps the book is less about economics than I thought.)

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