Friday, July 24, 2009

CSFFBT Roundup


My first Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour is done.

That was fun! Also, tiring. My crit toolbox had been getting dusty, and it took longer than I thought to put my thoughts in order. Adding to the crunch, I didn't get the book (bought on my own, not through the tour, not their fault) until the week before. So instead of having the posts atleast well outlined before hand, I was frantically typing on the day of posting. Which means that I forgot at least one thing on the third day that I had made a note of, on the first day, to follow up on later.

And on top of that, a last-minute work trip came up, so I was away from my usual haunts overnight. ("No, boss, can't go to the other location overnight, I have this non-work related post to finish drafting!" Right. I like my job.)

And I still don't know why that computer was only spellchecking in French.

It all worked out. I had fun. Very nice and SMART people - including the author, OMG - dropped by, I read a few other posts, and I did post all three days.

Next time, I really want to have what I want to say already drafted before the tour starts, so that I can spend that time reading other people's posts and commenting there. I really feel like I missed out on half the blog tour experience by only checking out a few posts.

(My intent is to try to catch up on that over the next week. I hope.)

(Had a former boss who told me that 'hope is not a method! hope is not a plan! you better have some other way of getting that accomplished!'Never asked him, at the time, what he thought of prayer as a method.)


Had fun, want to do it again. This time with double checking the spelling of character names!


Thunk for the day, from Ron Rolheiser:

Daniel Berrigan once quipped: Before you get serious about Jesus, first consider carefully how good you are going to look on wood.

Yeah. 'Never promised you a rose garden.'

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