Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hugo Awards 2014 Pro Artist

(See my notes on judging art here.)

Nominees: Galen Dara / Julie Dillon /Daniel Dos Santos / John Harris / John Picacio / Fiona Staples

Note: Six nominees because of a tie for fifth.  Fiona Staples was the only artist whose work was not included in the Hugo packet.  Fortunately, I already had a copy of Saga Vol 2 (also nominated for Graphic Novel) so I felt I was familiar with her work.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tannhäuser (Marion Zimmer Bradley)

Some of this will be hard reading. It was not easy writing.

There is too much.

The short version: All of fandom has been plunged into war navelgazing over recent articles which highlighted what some already knew: the late Marion Zimmer Bradley, icon of SF feminism, SCA cosplay, and a multi-award winning author, had been complicit in covering up the sexual abuse of minors by her late husband Walter Breen.  Others suspected Bradley of committing some abuse herself.

And now the long version, below the cut.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cutie Mark of the Beast

The cutie mark of the beast.

I never got into MLP in any form, but the idea that somehow it makes everything it touches evil is just...

Well, at any rate, it appears that the font of the number of the beast is Snap ITC, Ravie, and Magneto.  Because why pick just one?

Short discussion of santity and sanctity of mocking of 'mark of the beast' and other devil related material below:

Hugo Ballot 2014: Fan Artists

Nominees: Brad W. Foster / Mandie Manzano / Spring Schoenhuth / Steve Stiles / Sarah Webb

My art preferences and thoughts on the Hugo art ballot in general are here.

Of these, Foster, Stiles and Webb had art in the packet. (Stiles was added late, but was up by a week after the download went live.)  Manzano’s work can be seen here:.  Her work appears to be flat/digital, so I am not clear on why it has not made the packet (yet).  Given the subject matter, I suspect interference from the House of the Mouse, but that is merely libelous rumor mongering.

Schoenhuth’s is best seen on her Springtime Creations facebook page (select 2013 from the timeline to see works created last year.) She is an artist in the round, specializing in jewelry and other wearables. 

My thoughts on each:

On Hugo-related Artwork (2014)

What kind of jelly I like on my PBJ:

I refer art that is original, realistic and displays the use of technical skill over derived/interpreted works, abstract, and…errr…accidental works.  I can and have been persuaded/moved by works that are highly abstract, clearly representational, and make us of chance/unplanned circumstances to good effect. I marginally prefer flat art to sculpture.  I regard art for display more highly than art for use or wear.  (I don’t use books as doorstops, stereo proppers, or bug smashers, either.) (Edit: Yes, I like illustrated book covers more than plain ones.  Yes, even Baen covers. No, I don't have space in my house for all the book covers I like.  No, it's not logical. Hush and let me finish. End edit.) I like realism and grit but not gore.  I have definite color preferences, and pinks and oranges aren’t them. I prefer art that I can hang/place in my living/work space over art that I can only stand to look at for half an hour at a time.  

More preferences:

A word about Hugo 2014 slate reviews

So I broke down and purchased a WorldCon  supporting membership. Which means that I get to vote for Hugos!   And I might as well try to share as I work through the ballot.

(Lots more Hugo related nathering below the cut.)