Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cutie Mark of the Beast

The cutie mark of the beast.

I never got into MLP in any form, but the idea that somehow it makes everything it touches evil is just...

Well, at any rate, it appears that the font of the number of the beast is Snap ITC, Ravie, and Magneto.  Because why pick just one?

Short discussion of santity and sanctity of mocking of 'mark of the beast' and other devil related material below:
"My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist!"
"Le Joueur généreux," pub. February 71864; translation by Cat Nilan, 1999
The Devil exists.  We ignore him at cost.  We discount him to our grief.  But to say that the Devil is summoned by words or incantations or magics is, imo, foolish.  To hold to that is to imply that the Devil does not already sit along side, holding out temptation, promising lies.

We grant evil too much power, I think, when we shun all things tainted with it.  When we shun people who commit evil actions, we shut them away from alternatives to the Devil's promises.  We must remain strong against 'normalizing' temptations and evil actions and the things that lead us - each and all, individually and collectively - further from God. But so long as we live in Creation, we live next door to the Devil. We can not shut him away entirely without shutting out all of the world.

It's not on, I think, to pretend that the Devil doesn't exist, or that he does not have power. He does. And so do symbols.

In the post above, there are links to examples of heart-rending horrific actions by humans.  In the face of that, I am really not impressed with warnings against trafficing in evil numbers.

So this is me (metaphorically) putting the number of the devil on the butt of a pastel plastic kiddie toy.  Take that, old Scratch.  Hope you like getting eaten by teething puppies.

Other people of good heart and strong faith may surely disagree - to you I say, peace be with you, I mean to put no stone in your path. Go with God, and keep me in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Three fonts, and none of them Comic Sans? No font is eviler than Comic Sans!

Kerani said...

Jasini - of course ComicSans is the most evil! But that is one-on-one. I did extensive tests with non-senitent slips of organic paper (all humanely burned in a respectful ceremony after) and determined that these three together are more evil than Comic Sans alone. For my contributions to theology, science and typography, you are welcome. ;)