Friday, April 24, 2009

Links & Writing Update

Micheal Yon - an independent Mideast reporter. Worth reading.

Michael Z Williamson talks about his latest book, over at John Scalzi's place.

Scientia Pro Publica 2 - Science, Nature and Medicine Carnival - *lots* of cool links.

Ron Rolheiser - does a weekly column on theological topics. Well worth the read.


After a dry spell that lasted most of three months, I started writing again. Only a few hundred words a night, and they're not very impressive words, but they're written.

As a reward, I got hit with another plotbunny. God is good. *g*

(When I say 'dry spell' - this was strictly creative writing. Work writing (which can occasionally be very creative, especially when I'm trying to find a nice way to say "what you're suggesting is illegal and ill-advised and no, I'm not going to waste my boss's time by discussing it with him" to the heads of other sections) doesn't count, and I'm not counting the prayer/reflections journal either.)

Near as I can figure, the itch to write again (which, like all good addictions, never really went away) worked its way into action when I started blogging again.

Which is odd, as one of the reasons I stopped bogging was to concentrate on writing. Huh.


Alexander Field said...

Great news about the writing! My writing goes on and off in spurts as well (my creative writing), and it's always a joy to be in the midst of a fun project! Best of luck as you go onward!

Emma said...

Yay! Writing! And yay! for new plotbunnies! *g* Which story are you working on?


Kerani said...

Alexander - Thanks so much! I hit another snag after I posted this, but it's better to be busy than not! And good luck right back at you.

Emma - Good to hear from you, girl! I was working on the PK spin-off story, but have since been sidetracked. I'm trying to tell myself it's a good thing.