Friday, April 17, 2009

Links and bits and parts

Today I'm just dinking around the web, trying to remember all the cool things I saw when I was at work, and adding the things people have sent me.

Writing Things

From Micheal J. Totten, an independent Middle East reporter, a plug for A Free Lancer's Guide.

Top Ten Writing Top Ten Lists!

The Talent of the Room - I found this via Winds of Change, which is also where Micheal Totten hangs out, sometimes.

Medical/Science Things

Why Health Care Reform Is Hard - a look at the economics of trying to save lives. Which is a hard discussion that we need to have.

I forget the exact verse, but there is a phrase in Scripture about planning out one's costs and resources before building a tower, so as to not leave it half-finished, and look the fool. Wise choices by leaders and managers have a role in providing for the poor and underserved, as well as the front-line medical providers, nurses, and technicians.

Bed Bug Epidemic This article is from the NYT, but BBC had an article a couple days ago, and I've been seeing mention of links to Craigslist give-aways for some months now. Which is a shame.

It's also an indication that some solutions that look good in controlled environments don't do as well "in the wild". Megan McArdle talks more about this here.

The Value of Hospital Chaplains

Other things

Instapundit has a great many links to Tea Party Protests over the weekend. My people are speaking. I really, really, love democracy. (It helps, when they - my people, my fellow citizens - say things I agree with. But I do love it even when they don't.)

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