Saturday, April 4, 2015

That time of year again

(jimminy christmas, it really has been that long)

Hugo nominations are out again.  (I didn't nominate this year. I should have, but I am so woefully behind in reading...and in everything else...)

Looking forward to reading through the nominations.  I particularly would like to know if Ancillary Sword matches the quality of the first in the series, and if this volume deals with the ramifications of "erasing" all but one gender of humans.  (If there are any links to analysis of AJ which discussed the option of more than two genders of humans, I would like to see those.)(*)

As I said, I am behind in reading anything, and so the only comment I can make on the slate as a whole is that I am very disappointed that Snowpiercer, which would have easily been my choice as Long Form, didn't even make the final ballot.

(Yeah, yeah, violation of the laws of physics, overly anvilous class warfare allegory, blah blah blah. I don't care. I loved that movie.  Saw it four times. And you voted for CATWS (**) so don't talk to me about Ah canna change th' laws of physics.)

(*)  Gender's a spectrum. So is biological sex.  That this is completely irrelevant for most working-day interactions doesn't make it inaccurate.  And I would expect - no, I would demand that "inter-sectional" scholars note AJ's erasure of more than just 'maleness.'

(**) Which, for the record, I also loved.  I would be bitter about The Lego Movie making it onto the Hugo ballot, except I gave that up for Lent.  Monday, maybe.

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